About us

We love to share our hunting lifestyle with others who enjoy wildlife and the great outdoors.


Fred Lackie, owner of Candle Lake Outfitters

The Owners

Hi, I’m Fred Lackie. My wife Paulette and I own and operate Candle Lake Outfitters.

I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I grew up trapping, hunting black bear, blacktail deer, moose, mule deer, grizzly bear, goat, sheep, upland birds and various waterfowl. I spent every chance I could hunting, fishing and trapping. I’m pleased that I can share my passion for hunting in my business, and can help other people go on hunting trips as my career.


My Experience

I love sharing our hunting lifestyle with our clients


I gained much of my outfitting experience working full time for 13 years as a guide, outfitter and field manager for Jim Shockey in the Yukon, Saskatchewan and on Vancouver Island. I have guided over 200 spot and stalk black bear hunts, many successful hunts for Roosevelt elk, moose, and caribou, Dall sheep and whitetail deer.

I love sharing our hunting lifestyle with our clients, and building a business that centres around the freedom of being outdoors, good wildlife management, and creating memorable trophy hunting experiences for our clients. I take pride in sharing my knowledge of different animals and birds with the hunters that work with us.

The past few years we have been providing trophy hunting experiences for bear and whitetail deer near our home here in Saskatchewan. My wife and I also run a successful waterfowl area near our home in Saskatoon. We love working with clients who are interested in the entire process of being outdoors, developing their understanding of animals, and enjoying the entire hunting experience. We wish to have return clientele that embrace our management plan with the opportunity to take a true trophy.