Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

For your Saskatchewan trophy whitetail deer hunt, we offer an exclusive guiding area that encompasses 140 square miles of the very best whitetail habitat in northern Saskatchewan, a mix of boreal forest and river bottom.


Proper Deer Management

We are committed to trophy quality and work hard at proper deer management. We put a high emphasis on taking older, mature bucks and leaving the younger bucks that have potential for future years.

Your Hunting Experience

We provide lodging, meals, guiding, and trophy preparation during the hunt. You have your choice of bow or rifle for your weapon.


Hunters will travel to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where they will be picked up and taken to camp by one of our staff.

Overnight accommodations in Saskatoon are the responsibility of the hunter. There are several hotels close to the airport that provide shuttle service.

Preparing Your Trophy

Once you have successfully completed your hunt, we will clean the skull and antlers and cape and freeze your trophy. You have the option of taking your trophy to a local taxidermist or bringing an extra duffle bag and taking the frozen hide, cape and antlers home with you. If you choose to take your trophy home with you, all risks and additional luggage costs are your responsibility.

Hunting Strategies

Virtually all Whitetail hunts in Saskatchewan are over bait. Baiting begins early in the fall with trail cameras set out to monitor deer activity. We set up a mix of ground blinds and ladder stands well in advance of the season. We take hunters to their stands before day light in the morning and supplied with a two-way radio for communication.

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